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The Adventures of Arvo/Part III

-…and that is how I play “mic stand trick” on foolish British conductor!

-Ha! It is quite unbelievable how credulous the English can be. With that sense of humor, you quite deserve today’s honor. How does it feel, Arvo, to have a station on our city’s underground named after you?

-Yes, is fine, but to say of parliament intrigue -- MI5 uncover: old Pope, Sir Pius, strangle, but hush. (I know from double-spy.) Base on glove found by secret agent man in lonely Vatican alcove. But, dress as Swiss Guard, wear restrict Opus Dei garment, cannot bend to reach! So, he have use spear to hoist, examine. Knuckles spell Estonian word “premeditate murder,” also one letter change to get “archconspirator Kremlin.” However, Britain hate Catholic, so they dismiss! Instead lift pint, say, “Cheer!” -- but how fun, willed ignorance?

-I see. Arvo, I must tell you that we had a devil of a time finding a printer who would exercise the umlaut, trace as it is of Teutonic oppression.

-Yes, well! I no ask, put me graven on depot.

-We hadn’t anticipated a problem. It’s a tendency that feeds upon itself, a snake eating its tail. Every time your name has appeared in print here, the umlaut is always left off. One would have to intuit it from its absence. A curious notion --

-Ahem! On all work! A, umlaut! A, umlaut, like halo!

-Granted, but why waste two extra dots of ink? Who could afford such extravagance? Our economy is still recovering from Communist rule. Perhaps in the future --

-Why think future, O man? Or present? Know ye past? Time now, present; mind, in sepulchre -- cohere? Example, thyself: ye goggles obsolete -- mirror ugly brain trap, O fetid ruin! Jesus say: bring forth out ye, called, choosen. Ye not called, eh! And so not choosen: are millstone, please. Is metaphor, mean: millstone gravestone also, for Judas bones.

-I can see very well out of these glasses, Arvo, and I can also see that I’ve provoked one of your religious manias. For that I am truly sorry. Let’s wrap things up here, folks --

Arvo Part - Da Pacem Domine


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