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The Adventures of Arvo/Part I

- A stunning performance, Arvo. The orchestra is playing with such quiet intensity--

- Heh! More quiet than know.

- What do you mean by that?

- See microphone, at height empyrean? Last night, I did. Quiet, like mouse, sneak with lantern, no person see. Caretaker, hear, but scare -- I boo! He reply, haunted? Shit! (And more.) Inside no go. So no see Arvo find twenty-foot ladder in vestibule, adjust mic stand, cackle like witch.

- I don't see your point. Why sabotage a recording of your own music?

- Eh! Conductor bad man! That why we hide behind pillar.

- Really? I assumed that you thought of him more as a respected colleague.

- Help me, no! Is enemy, like Devil to Luther. Mock, scorn. Big different, I no own inkpot. So, attack record process. Is OK.

- You are a strange one, Arvo.

I not strange. You mullet strange.

- I'm sorry, the music drowned you out for a moment. What was that?

- Oh, not-ing.

Arvo Part - Polyphony - My Heart's in the Highlands


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