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Time, pt. 2

"Time Will Tell"

Reggae artist Johnny Clarke scored a massive hit in '76 with his cover of "No Woman No Cry," a song that Bob Marley had allegedly passed on as a single in order to drive album sales. Clarke's second Wailers cover was less successful commercially, but nonetheless packs an emotive punch in its pained, drawn-out delivery. There's no clear indication just what exactly time will tell; however, the chorus, "You think you're in heaven, but you're living in hell," sums up the general sense of persecution. Cut in the late 70's, "Time Will Tell" features the ubiquitous Sly & Robbie holding down the rhythm and Bunny "Striker" Lee flinging his cymbals at us from behind the boards.


Time, pt. 1

PLURAMON feat. JULEE CRUISE "Time For a Lie"

Maybe it's just the drumming but I'm reminded of "I Wanna Be Adored." Remember that funny hat the drummer wore in the video? Or better yet, Ian Brown's dance? I blame ecstasy for both. I have no idea what vice Pluramon claims, but this track was feels like it's copping a contact buzz off Loveless.